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General Topics
Climate Labs
  • Climate Data Labs. Monthly mean plots of temperature and precipitation for a city.
  • The Layer Model Approximation to the Greenhouse Effect.  This lab exercises your understanding of "layer models" of the greenhouse effect. These are also called "isothermal slab models," or "glass atmosphere models." They have serious shortcomings in their neglect of the way thermodynamics and convection alters the vertical temperature structure of real atmospheres, but they are still useful in understanding the basic way the greenhouse effect operates.
  • Poster Presentation! This site provides a guidance to design one's poster.
Educational Sites
  • Windows to the Universe! It is a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences. Windows to the Universe is graphics intensive!
  • Greenpeace Organizing Term online at
  • 2002 Climate and Global Change Geosciences Education Workshop (Presentation Archive)
  • Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere -- Module Overview. Five Stars! I strongly recommend every student to check it out! This on-line teaching module is for middle school science teachers. While some students may find portions of this site useful, the primary audience is classroom teachers and it has been developed with that target audience in mind. The site provides background information and supporting classroom teaching materials. The content focus is climate change and issues related to both stratospheric and tropospheric ozone.

    There are seven sections, each with activities for classroom use. Each section provides background information, general learning concepts, and a list of activities.

    • Introduction to the Atmosphere
    • Introduction to Ozone
    • Introduction to Climate
    • Stratospheric Ozone
    • The "Greenhouse Effect"
    • Tropospheric Ozone
    • Global Climate Change
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