Engineers for a Sustainable World: Multi-Disciplinary Rotating Academic Colloquium Series (MUDRAC)
Title:     "Climate Change - Causes and Consequences"
Topic:  Global Warming

Date:   Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Time:   3-5pm

Location:     GEO 2.216

Climate change impacts all aspects of society, yet significant uncertainties remain regarding the impacts of such phenomena as global warming.  These impacts include sea level rise, changes in recharge to aquifers, extinction and migration of species, and the triggering of more rapid climatic 'events'. Temperatures plummeting six degrees Celsius and sudden droughts scorching farmland around the globe are not just the stuff of scary movies.  Such striking climate jumps have happened before - sometimes within a matter
of years.

Camille Parmesan (Integrative Biology):

For the past several years, the focus of her work has been on current impacts of climate change in the 20th
century on wildlife.  The intensification of global warming as an international issue led her into the interface of policy and science.
Charles Jackson (Institute for Geophysics):
He is currently studying Tropical Pacific corals to understand how the Tropics may participate in global
climate change events during the Holocene (10 ka to present).