Spring 2022
   GEO327G/386G: GIS & GPS Applications in Earth Sciences









General Lab Information  
  • Data for lab exercises, web bookmarks, PDF copies of ESRI books, help files, and more, are available in the online class folder.  Browse the building network path: \\disk.austin.utexas.edu\root\geo-class\Geo-327g_386g to get there, and/or map the location as a network drive for later use.  Lab data, as downloadable zipped folders, can also be found in the Canvas Lab Assignment page for each lab.
  • A personal licensed copy of the software is available to any registered student through the UT library, who also offers a variety of geospatial and data services.  See their installation and licensing guidelines.
  • See the lab syllabus for grading policy, due dates, etc.  T.A. Kristina Butler  can be reached at kristina.butler@utexas.edu.  Her office hours are held in the JGB 2.312 TBA.
  • Unless otherwise stated, lab assignments are due before the beginning of lab the following week.  Due dates and times are given in Canvas.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the lab. You are expected to wipe down your workstation (keyboard, mouse, cpu, desk area) after finishing and will be instructed on how to do so.  Cleaning supplies will be available at all times - you must complete this task before leaving the room.  Please wear a mask at all times while in the classroom. 
  • A schedule for room 2.312 shows when the room is available outside of lecture and lab periods.
Maps of the Week
Cartography Tips  
Software Tips  
  • Useful techniques for labs or projects can be found in Software Tips.
Software Bugs and Workarounds  


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