Instructor: Dr. Zong-Liang Yang

Announcements: This course covers topics in global and regional-scale hydroclimatic processes, including atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics, the atmospheric boundary layer and land-surface processes, climate dynamics of the global water cycle, occurrence of flood-producing rainfall and droughts, teleconnections associated with climate anomalies, and key global change issues explored using computer models.

After taking this course you will understand basic atmospheric dynamic principles used in weather forecasting, the climate dynamics controlling the global distribution of precipitation, the land-surface atmosphere interaction, the effects of regional anomalies, such as El Nino-Southern Oscillation, on weather and climate in North America, and the use of weather and climate predictions in decision-making.

This course is offered every year in the Spring semester. It is intended for graduate students who want to obtain a more in-depth knowledge in meteorology, hydrology, and climatology. Senior undergraduate students may take this course too after they talk to me.


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