Spring 2012 Syllabus - All Sections


See "Why a class in Geological Field Methods?"


Mon, Wed; 2-3 pm; JGB 2.118 OR Tues, Thu; 2-3 pm JGB 3.102


Dr. Mark Helper, JGB 4.112; 471-1009

Dr. Charles Kerans, JGB 6.106; 471-4282


Dr. Brian Horton, JGB 5.220A, 471-1869

Dr. Randall Marrett, JGB 4.126, 471-2113

Lab Sections 



Labs meet Fri. 2-5 pm:
EPS 1.102 (#27530); Edgardo Pujols (edgardopujols@gmail.com)
EPS 2.136 (#27620); Michael Prior (mprior@utexas.edu)
JGB 3.202 (#27630); Paul Betka (pmbetka@mail.utexas.edu)
JGB 3.120 (#27625); Ben Byerly (benbyerly@gmail.com)
JGB 3.116 (#27640); Allison Ned (allisonned@utexas.edu)

Office Hours 

Helper: Tues. and Th. 9-11 or when my door is open

Kerans: Mon. 10-12 and Wed. 3-5

Horton: Tues. and Th. 3-4

Marrett: T.B.A.


Lab = 15%
Lab Exam(s) = 15%
Field Projects = 55%
Class Exam(s) = 15%


For B.S. Geology majors, a grade of C or better in GEO 416K, 416M, and 426P (may be taken concurrently).
For B.A. Geology, G.E.H., Geophysics and Hydrogeology majors, a C or better in GEO 416K and 416M.
If you do not have these prerequisites and have not already done so, see one of us immediately.

Field  Trips 

By registering for Geo. 420K, students agree to be available for field trips on at least 6 (six) weekends. In addition, some Friday labs will be conducted off campus but during normally scheduled lab hours. 

Required Texts 

Compton, R. R., 1985, Geology in the Field. John Wiley and Sons, 378 p.

Recommended Text 

Boggs, S., 2006, Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (GEO 416M textbook and notes).

Required Field Equipment 

See the Equipment List.

Web Site 

Announcements, information pertinent to field trips, labs, etc. will be posted on this web site's home page or on the class Blackboard site. Check Blackboard weekly for information about materials for upcoming labs and field trips.
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