Geomicrobiology and Microbial Geochemistry
at U.T. Austin
Philip C. Bennett
Dept. of Geological Sciences,
1 University Station, C-1100,  The University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712-0254

web_toon1.JPG (172867 bytes)The aqueous and microbial geochemistry program in Geological Sciences is broad, interdisciplinary, and combines classical aqueous geochemistry with subsurface microbial ecology.  Most of the graduate students working in this area develop research projects that combine aspects of hydrology, geology, and microbiology with the core of geochemistry.   A primary focus of my program at the moment is to characterize the geologic and hydrologic controls on subsurface microbial growth, metabolism, and community structure, and the geochemical consequences of microbial biochemical processes.  We use culture methods as well as culture-independent molecular techniques such as PLFA, 16S phylogenetic analysis, and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), combined with environmental scanning electron microscopy.  My students are also investigating silicate dissolution kinetics, karst and cave formation, sediment transport in karst aquifers, and contaminant transport in fractured rock aquifers, the the fate of pharmaceuticals in karst aquifers.  Browse through the research projects area to check out what's going on.

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