Field Methods in Groundwater Hydrology (GEO 376L) 2007 Pictures

Instructors: Dr. Jack Sharp and Dr. Bayani Cardenas        Teaching Assistants: Laura DeMott, Brad Wolaver, and Tom Wiles

Dr. Phil Bennett's guest lecture on field chemistry

Measuring chemical parameters with the Troll 9500 XP

Stream discharge measurements with FlowTracker ADVs at Bull Creek

Dr. David Mohrig's ADCP. Is it taking measurements more efficiently and accurately than the students?

Brad lecturing on how to use the Guelph permeameter

Enjoying using the Guelph permeameter


The service rig pulling out an abandoned well (thanks for Geoprojects for donating their services and materials!)

Drilling a new well (thanks again Geoprojects!)


Logging the fluvial aquifer materials


Are those auger bits heavy?



Mr. Clay Aquifer


Mr. aquifer-on-a-stick captured by cannibals!


Surveying with the total station.


Electrical resistivity surveys


Guest lecture by Dr. Jeff Paine (BEG) on EM geophysical methods


Various EM methods


Bob Reedy and George Bush (BEG) demonstrating the Geoprobe




Guest lecture by Dr. Jack Holt (UT-IG) on ground penetrating radar


What's a hydro field camp without a pump test?

Hook'em horns!



Record flood at Pedernales Falls (that's water in those containers!)




Installing mini-piezometers

Customary getting the van stuck


Checking that the ER survey line is straight (hydrogeologists use Brunton compasses too!)


Hydro field camp class of 2007!