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Our group welcomes students and scientists who are interested in integrating multiple disciplines and techniques to address water-related issues. If you are interested in applying send me an email at: cardenas at jsg dot utexas dot edu.

Researchers in our group have received multiple awards, student grants, and recognition. They are listed here.

You can see the group in action here.

Group Principal Investigator: Bayani Cardenas

Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Wen Deng (Wen's website)
         BS Huazhong University of Science and Technology
         MS Tongji University
         PhD Iowa State University


    PhD Students

  • Kevin Befus (Kevin's website)
  •      BS Wheaton College, MS University of Colorado-Boulder

    Kevin is studying hydrology for two reasons: its demand scientifically and its relevance globally. His previous research includes studying the effects of glacial isostasy on paleo-lake hydrology and applying geophysical techniques to constrain weathering properties of the shallow subsurface. Kevin is an avid field geologist and modeler when not perfecting his skills with a frisbee.

  • Kuldeep Chaudhary
  •      BS University of Delhi, MS University of Delhi, MS Indiana University

    Kuldeep’s current research focuses on pore-scale (10 to 100 Ám) processes where he is studying the effect of grain (sediment) shapes in modifying the fluid flow and the mass transport as applied to migration and capillary trapping of Supercritical Carbon dioxide (SCO2). His research work entails laboratory experimentation which includes hydraulic testing and high resolution X-Ray CT scanning and conducting numerical simulations of the pore-scale scanned porous media. His past research experiences includes basin scale modeling to reconstruct aquifer salinity evolution associated with the Quaternary climatic oscillations in Australia, geological characterization of Carbonate reservoirs in the Illinois basin, and geophysical characterization of fluid flow through the faults in the Rhine Graben, Germany . Between his studies, he has worked as a geologist for Indiana Geological Survey, and a consultant for Sierra Resources, LLC a petroleum firm based in Houston, TX.

  • Lichun Wang (Lichun's website)
  •      BS China University of Geosciences-Beijing, MS China University of Geosciences

    My current research mainly focuses on subsurface fluid flow and transport processes through single rough-walled fracture, particularly on multiphase flow(super-critical C02 and brine) through fractured media. Dispute on the effect of local fracture aperture variations within a single 2D rough-walled fracture leads to difficulty in quantifying the hydraulic properties such as permeability (k) and dispersion coefficient(D). However, detailed mapping information of fracture through X-Ray Scanning enables the application of CFD and solute transport to quantify k and D numerically. I am also investigating the effect of roughness and tortuosity on the deviation of theoretically-derived k and D from numerically-derived value.

  • Peter Zamora (Peter's website)
  •      BS Central Luzon State University, MS University of the Philippines-Diliman

    Coming from a chemistry background, my main interest is applying geochemistry to answer environmental science related questions.  This interest led me to pursue a master's degree in geology working on sediment chemistry to reconstruct paleo-rainfall and primary productivity for the past 1600 years in the Philippines. My current research looks at the dynamics of seawater-groundwater interaction near the land-ocean interface and its implications on the geochemistry of coastal waters. My approach involves the application of geophysical and geochemical techniques as well as numerical simulations to understand the the transport and evolution of dissolved chemical species along the coastal subsurface. This work is part of my PhD research at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Lizhi Zheng (Lizhi's website)
  •      BS China University of Geosciences-Beijing, MS China University of Geosciences

    I am interested in studying the interactions between groundwater and surface water(GW/SW), especially the biogeochemical reactions in the hyporheic zone (HZ, transition zone between groundwater and surface water). My current research focuses on coupled fluid flow, heat and reactive transport in the HZ to understand the transport and fate of nutrients and contaminants at the GW/SW interface. My approach involves numerical simulations and flume experiment to understand the links between hydrological and  biogeochemical processes in the HZ. A series of flume experiments will be designed to see how flow and heat transport in the HZ affect the nutrient and contaminant cycling.

    MS Students

  • Alec Norman
  •      BS University of Virginia

    Alec’s primary research interests involve contaminant transport in the groundwater and surface water.  He is currently studying how thermal variability affects metal contaminant levels in streams and exchange of metal ions between streams and stream bed sediments.

  • Alyse Briody
  •      BA University of California-Berkeley

    Alyse's current research focuses on characterizing the hyporheic zone of Austin's Colorado River and the subsurface biogeochemistry that occurs there. Her broader research interests include groundwater-surface water interactions, snow hydrology, and water resource availability.
  • Raquel Flinker
  •      BS Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

    From Brazil, Raquel is studying and modeling the impacts of global environmental changes on local hydrology. This study focuses on the effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide and change in precipitation patterns on the hydrology of grasslands of central North America. This research will help understand how global environmental changes affect soil moisture and plant water uptake.  
  • Mike Kanarek
  •      BA (Journalism) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BS (Geology) University of South Florida

    Mike's current research involves using electrical resistivity, and thermal and moisture monitoring to better understand the effects of wildfire on soil moisture dynamics. His study site is in Bastrop State Park, which was burned by extensive wildfires in September 2011 associated with the severe drought in Texas. His research has broad implications on everything from water availability for plants to groundwater recharge rates.

  • Raymond Rodolfo, University of the Philippines-National Institute of Geological Sciences (external co-adviser)

  • Undergraduate Students

    none at the moment

    Past Visiting Scientists and Students:

  • Laura Bardini, PhD student, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Jesus Gomez, PhD student, New Mexico Tech
  • MoonSu Kim, National Institute of Environmental Research, South Korea
  • Daniel Kaeser, PhD student, University of Lancaster, UK
  • Louis Areepitak, PhD student, Texas AM-Kingsville

  • HYDRO EXES (aka former group members) and last known location or occupation

  • Ben Bass, BS Geological Sciences, 2011 (traveling in South America but will hopefully apply to grad school soon)
  • Wai Sum Chan, MA Science and Math Education, 2011 (high school teacher)
  • Audrey Sawyer, PhD Geological Sciences, 2011 (Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky)
  • Nancy Pattyn, RET fellow, 2010, Anderson High School
  • John Nowinski, MS Geological Sciences, 2010
  • Travis Swanson, MS Geological Sciences, 2010 (PhD student at UT)
  • Katy Gerecht, REU student, BS Engineering Science (Smith College), 2010 (grad school, Pennsylvania State University)
  • Michael Markowski, BS Geological Sciences, 2010
  • Annie Dunckel, BS Geological Sciences, 2010 (grad school, University of Virginia)
  • Blair Stanley, MS Geological Sciences, 2009 (BP, Houston)
  • Meredith Mackey, MA Science and Math Education, 2008 (middle school teacher)
  • Ashleigh Barber-Bomar, MA Science and Math Education, 2008 (high school teacher)
  • Laura Merner, REU student, BS Geography (Clark Univ), 2008 (grad school, University of Maryland Baltimore County)
  • pentagonite