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This site presents links to various pictures of our research group and classes while doing what we do.

Having fun while doing science in the field

Pictures from the Undergraduate Honors Research Program field trip to the Philippines (March 2013) are posted here.

Click on the years below for pictures from "Hydro Field Camp"
2007  2008  2010 2012

Pictures from field work in the Werribee Estuary, Victoria, Australia (January 2012) are posted here.

Pictures from field work in the Sandey River, Switzerland (August 2011) are posted here.

Pictures from field work in Taal Volcano, Philippines (July 2011) are posted here.

Pictures from field work in Bolinao, Philippines (June 2011) are posted here.

Pictures from field work in the Cook Islands (February 2011) are posted here.

Pictures from the joint GEO391C/346C trip (Spring 2008) to Mexico are posted here.

Pictures from field work in the Underground River (Philippines, Dec 2008) are posted here.

Pictures from marine electrical resistivity surveying over a carbonate platform (Philippines, Dec 2008) are posted here.

Preliminary work in the Texas Gulf with Dr. Hedy Edmonds (UT MSI)

Professors Ken Dunton (pilot and plane owner) and Hedy Edmonds (UT-MSI) getting ready for some preliminary airborne thermal remote-sensing work using our FLIR camera.

My first class view and Hedy doing great as camera person. (Yes, it did take 3 professors do this preliminary work). Stay tuned for results!


Airborne and ground-based work at the Virgin River Utah in collaboration with Dr. Beth Nielson, Dr. Christopher Neale (USU) and Beth's excellent group of students


I get to ride "first class" again, this time thanks to the Utah State Aggies plane.

Enrique Rosero and Lindsey Gulden (Dr. Yang's grad students) helping out and having fun in the field.


Look at the pink river! I wonder how it got that way.


Gorgeous basalt flow with different cooling fractures. Yes, the river is also pink here. Some birds call the basalt "home".

Some airborne sensing on the ground.

Nutrient and hyporheic zone dynamics in Nebraska. This is a campaign organized by Dr. Durelle Scott (Nebraska), Dr. Jud Harvey (USGS), and Dr. Aaron Packman (Northwestern). I dropped by to participate.


Set-up for round-the-clock sampling of tracers and water quality.


Getting ready for dye injection. Look at that dye get dispersed!

Field studies in a large gravel bar (it's more like an island) on the Colorado River near Austin (site of Laura Merner's 2007 REU project and Blair and Travis' research site)

Getting to the field site.


Laura describing some sediments we augered. Was there a flood here?

Blair, Travis, Audrey (and Bayani) return to the island.


The group just chilling out and exploring the island. How did this big tree run into another tree?

Cuatro Cienegas (Mexico) field work with Brad Wolaver and his adviser, Dr. Jack Sharp

Getting ready to dive into the springs. REU students taking field parameters.

You need to be in water in order to understand it! Brad retrieving dissolved gas diffusion samplers.

It's all about the fish!