Mesoproterozoic Tectonic Evolution

of the Southern Margin of Laurentia



A Grenville-aged orogenic belt formed on the southern margin of Laurentia south of the Llano front during the amalgamation of Rodinia.  Plate boundary (dashed) in Llano uplift represents a collisional suture whereas that in west Texas represents closure of a small ocean basin. See Mosher (1998). Direction of tectonic transport (arrows) shown for Llano uplift and west Texas exposures. Inset shows location of Laurentian Grenville orogenic belts.

Current Research

We are developing and testing a new model for the ~ 1.1 Ga collisional orogen along the southern margin of Laurentia with specific emphasis on the Llano uplift of central Texas that exposes the core of the orogen and the Sierra Diablo foothills of west Texas where the metamorphic core is thrust over foreland sedimentary rocks in a narrow, Grenville-age transpressional belt. 

Tectonic Models References
Llano Uplift West Texas Uplifts