The University of Texas at Austin


2012 Award Categories:


Undergraduate Best Poster Award:

1st Place: Quinn Wenning
Characterizing Reactive Flow Paths in Fractured Cement’ (EG 15)

2nd Place: Robert Zinke
‘Pre-eruptive storage conditions and the eruption of Douglas Knob obsidian lava dome, Yellowstone Caldera’ (SETP 29)

Early-Career Graduate Best Poster Award:

1st Place:  Qinjian Jin
‘The Change in Wind and Dust Storm in the Middle East in multi-decadal scale and Their Correlations', (CCG-09)

2nd Place:  Maureen LeVoir
‘Preliminary analysis of the Baranof Fan system, Gulf of Alaska, based on 2D seismic reflection and multibeam bathymetry data   (MG06)’

Late-Career M.S. Best Poster Award:

1st Place: Bryant Kopriva
‘Stratigraphic Response of Variable Mini-Basin Subsidence Patterns Due to Autogenic Effects’, (SHP 08)

2nd Place: Justin Fitch
‘Retroarc foreland basin evolution during Paleogene shortening, northern Altiplano plateau, southern Peru’ (SETP 13)

Late-Career PhD Best Poster Award:

1st Place: Charles Brothers
‘New constraints on the formation of Abalos Mensa, Planum Boreum Mars from radar stratigraphy and high-resolution imagery’ (PS01)

2nd Place: Ethan Lake
‘Geometric controls on large volume mid-crustal magma chambers and magma evolution zones: A 3-D modeling approach’ (SETP16)

Best represented Research Group Award:

1st Place:  Danny Stockli

2nd Place: Tim Shanahan


You can only be considered for Early Career if it is your first year within the M.S. track or you are pre-candidacy for a PhD