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Climate, Carbon, & Geobiology
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Anderson, V. New Constraints on the Paleoelevation History of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia from Lipid Biomarkers CCG01 9:15 am
Bixler, C. Paleolimnological evidence of coherent late Holocene precipitation variability from the tropical Andes CCG03 9:15 am
Brown, M. Combined effects of global warming and an Atlantic meridional overturning circulation shutdown on West African and European climate CCG04 9:15 am
Cai, X. Hydrological modeling for the Mississippi River Basin using Noah-MP ― an augmented Noah LSM CCG05 9:15 am
Chakraborty, S. Connection between Different Mature Stages of Deep Convection and the Vertical Transport of Aerosols in the Upper Troposphere CCG06 9:15 am
Fu, W. Improving Convective Precipitation in GCM using Subgrid Parameterization CCG07 9:15 am
Huang, L. Role of Transport Pathways in Determining CO Centers in the Tropical Upper Troposphere CCG08 9:15 am
Jin, Q. The Change in Wind and Dust Storm in the Middle East in multi-decadal scale and Their Correlations CCG09 9:15 am
Jones, A. Mineralogical Controls on Microbial Diversity in a Sulfuric Acid Karst System CCG10 9:15 am
Kwon, Y. Feasibility of the passive microwave radiance assimilation into the Community Land Model version 4 to estimate snowpack characteristics at the global scale: a review study CCG11 9:15 am
Martinez, M. Soil gas diffusion: applying a numerical model to investigate soil respiration CCG12 9:15 am
Meyer, Kevin Southwest U.S. paleoclimate over the past 30 ky: Insights from speleothem δ18O and growth rate time series CCG13 9:15 am
Meyer, Kyle Carbon in karst: investigating sources, transport and isotopic fractionation to better inform the interpretation of speleothem climate records of central Texas caves CCG14 9:15 am
Meyer, L. Quantifying the Role of Agriculture and Urbanization in the Nitrogen Cycle across Texas CCG15 9:15 am
Meyer, N. Simulating the Dissolution and Precipitation of Calcite in Soils using a Soil Hydrological Model CCG16 9:15 am
Miller, A. An Examination of Inorganic Proxies of Late Holocene Paleoclimate in Sediment Cores from Simpson’s Lagoon, Beaufort Sea, Alaska CCG17 9:15 am
Myers, K. The Role of Cyanobacteria in Arsenic Biogeochemistry at El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile CCG18 9:15 am
Neupane, N. Nonlinear response of Sahel rainfall to Atlantic warming: Potential for abrupt climate change CCG19 9:15 am
Okafor, B. Investigating soil water movement (water budget) by measuring the stable isotope composition of water in Vertisols CCG20 9:15 am
Pyle, L. Isolating the effect of mineral-organic interactions on the respiration of recalcitrant organic soil carbon CCG21 9:15 am
Santillan, E. Membrane, morphological, and metabolic changes to microbes during CO2 sequestration CCG22 9:15 am
Shi, M. Understanding and Modeling the Impacts of Soil Freeze/Thaw Processes on Water, Carbon, and Nitrogen Dynamics in High-latitude Regions CCG23 9:15 am
Stoynova, V. Insights into Circum-Arctic Sea Ice Variability from Molecular Geochemistry: The IP25 Index CCG24 9:15 am
Sydow, L. Cinder Pool’s Aqueous Sulfur Gas Chemistry: Implications for Life’s Origin in Hydrothermal Environments CCG25 9:15 am
Thirumalai, K. Evaluating uncertainties in the interpretation of individual foraminifera analysis for ENSO reconstructions CCG26 9:15 am
Warden, J. Microbial calcite in Sistema Zacatón, northeastern Mexico CCG27 9:15 am
Wolfe, W. Solubility and precipitation kinetics of gypsum as a function of CO2 partial pressure: Implications for geological carbon sequestration CCG28 9:15 am
Wong, C. Investigating controls on surface-water quality in streams recharging a karst aquifer CCG29 9:15 am
Yin, L. Influence of pre-seasonal conditions on late wet season arrival and its implications to predictive understanding of the droughts over southern Amazonia CCG30 9:15 am
Zafar, D. Investigation of Methods for Phosphate Determination in High-Arsenate Solution: El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile CCG31 9:15 am
Zhang, G. Understanding climate change and decadal variability over Texas during the last 22,000 years CCG32 9:15 am
Zhang, Y. Snow Data Assimilation: DART and CLM CCG33 9:15 am
Casteel, R. Speleothem calcite deposition rates and cave drip water trace element variations as a function of seasonal temperature variability in central Texas, USA CCG34 9:15 am

Energy Geoscience
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Alhussain, M. Removing anisotropic overburden effect for reliable fractures characterization EG01 1:15 pm
Alkan, E. Exploring Hydrocarbon-Bearing Shale Formations with Multi-Component Seismic Technology and SV-SV Shear Mode Analysis as a New Tool EG02 1:15 pm
Alvarez, T. Systematic Variations in the Age and Thickness of Subducting Crust as a Control on Regional Structural Variations; The Barbados Accretionary Prism, the Island of Trinidad and the Associated Eastern Offshore Areas, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity EG03 1:15 pm
Cronin, M. Determining characteristic pore radius and apparent permeability in nanoporous media using modified pulse transient decay EG04 1:15 pm
Ditkof, J. Time lapse seismic response (4D) related to industrial-scale CO2 injection at an EOR and CCS site, Cranfield, MS EG05 1:15 pm
Gao, B. Basin model of pressure evolution in the Auger Basin, The Gulf of Mexico EG06 1:15 pm
Gilbert, K. The Effects of High PCO2 on Silica Dissolution EG07 1:15 pm
Jiang, M. Pore-shape and composition effects on rock-physics modeling in the Haynesville Shale EG08 1:15 pm
Li, S. Frequency-domain full-waveform inversion with parallel Helmholtz solver EG09 1:15 pm
Malin, R. Geothermal Energy for El Tatio, Chile: Diffusion of Geoscientific data to Support Decision Making for Energy, Tourism, and Social Equity EG10 1:15 pm
Nicholson, A. Quantitative Fault Seal Analysis: CO2-Brine Fault Risking for CCS Site Selection, Lower Miocene, Texas State Waters EG11 1:15 pm
Pommer, L. Natural Fracture Characterization in Shale-Gas Reservoirs: Spatial Organization and Fracture Sealing EG12 1:15 pm
Song, X. Fourier Finite-difference Wave Propagation EG13 1:15 pm
Tao, Y. Stochastic seismic inversion using both fractal and low-frequency priors EG14 1:15 pm
Wenning, Q. Characterizing Reactive Flow Paths in Fractured Cement EG15 1:15 pm
Zhao, Z. The best fitted models for well-log data and its implication for the sedimentary condition EG16 1:15 pm

Marine Geoscience
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Betts, W. Consolidation behavior of resedimented mudrock from the Eugene Island Block 330 field, Offshore Louisiana MG01 1:30 pm
Browne, C. Hydrothermal and tectonic processes recorded in fault rocks from the upper oceanic crust MG02 1:30 pm
Eakin, D. Results of trench perpendicular wide angle seismic transects across the Manila subduction zone offshore southern Taiwan MG03 1:30 pm
Frederik, M. Bathymetric data of Aceh region after the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake MG04 1:30 pm
Lester, W. Active Extension in Taiwan's Pre-Collision Zone: A New Model of Plate-Bending in Continental Crust MG05 1:30 pm
LeVoir, M. Preliminary analysis of the Baranof Fan system, Gulf of Alaska, based on 2D seismic reflection and multibeam bathymetry data MG06 1:30 pm
Martin, K. The West Andaman fault as a strain partitioning structure in the Sumatran forearc MG07 1:30 pm
Merrell, M. Pressure and Stress at Mad Dog, GOM MG08 1:30 pm
Ramirez, S. Sedimenation and tectonics in Kumano forearc basin evolution, Nan TroSEIZE study area MG09 1:30 pm
Reece, R. Effects of Yakutat Terrane Collision on the Neighboring Pacific Plate MG10 1:30 pm
Smith, A. Observations and models of heat and salt generation at a deepwater Gulf of Mexico vent MG11 1:30 pm
Eddy, D. Compressional and shear wave velocity structure of the eastern Grand Banks, Newfoundland, and implications for continental rifting MG12 1:30 am

Planetary Science
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Brothers, T. New constraints on the formation of Abalos Mensa, Planum Boreum Mars from radar stratigraphy and high-resolution imagery PS01 10:00 am
Christian, S. Integrating Radar Stratigraphy with High Resolution Visible Stratigraphy of the North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars PS02 10:00 am
Cowan, T. Non-uniform accumulation in the Northern Polar Layered Deposits, Mars: Variations with Latitude and Longitude in Gemina Lingula PS03 10:00 am
Smith, I. The north polar troughs of Mars as aeolian cyclic steps PS04 10:00 am
Steel, E. Characterization of large-scale erosional events within the North Polar Layered Deposits, Mars PS05 10:00 am

Solid Earth and Tectonic Processes
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Befus, K. Spherulites and cooling histories of obsidian lavas, Yellowstone Caldera SETP01 9:30 am
Betka, P. Along-strike change in structural style and tectonic shortening during the development of the Patagonian retroarc fold-thrust belt, southern Andes SETP02 9:30 am
Black, K. Relationships between subduction and extension in the Aegean region: evidence from granite plutons of the Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey SETP03 9:30 am
Burrus, J. Tectonic and thermal evolution of the lower and upper plate of the Weepah Hills Metamorphic Core Complex, western Nevada SETP04 9:30 am
Byerly, B. Geochemical evidence for lithosphere delamination beneath the central Rio Grande rift SETP05 9:30 am
Chatterjee, R. Isotopic evidence from lavas and mantle xenoliths for a mixed asthenospheric-lithospheric source for Rio Grande rift magmas SETP06 9:30 am
Cisneros, M. Chlorine Chemistry of Altered Oceanic Crust: Empirical and Experimental Results SETP07 9:30 am
Cullen, J. Correlation of Cl and B stable isotopes across the Cascadia arc SETP08 9:30 am
Eldam, R. Serpentinite Petrogenesis in the Franciscan Complex/Coast Range Ophiolite, northern California SETP10 9:30 am
Errico, J. Oxygen isotope evidence for retrogression of Franciscan high-grade blueschists and eclogites by sediment-derived fluids SETP11 9:30 am
Feldman, J. Using (U-Th)/He Thermochronology to Assess Geothermal Resources SETP12 9:30 am
Fitch, J. Retroarc foreland basin evolution during Paleogene shortening, northern Altiplano plateau, southern Peru SETP13 9:30 am
German, L. Deciphering the Dynamics of the Simav Fault in Western Turkey SETP14 9:30 am
Goldsmith, A. Understanding the relationship between radiation damage and helium diffusion kinetics in zircon to obtain a more complete thermal history SETP15 9:30 am
Lake, E. Geometric controls on large volume mid-crustal magma chambers and magma evolution zones: A 3-D modeling approach SETP16 9:30 am
Liu, J. Sound velocity measurements of iron alloy at high pressure SETP17 9:30 am
McKinney, T. The Origin of Leucogranites in northern Yellowstone SETP18 9:30 am
O'Neill, L. Magma Mixing Processes Displayed in the Chaos Jumbles, Lassen California SETP19 9:30 am
Perez, N. Cenozoic uplift history of the northern Altiplano: Structural, stratigraphic and geochronological constraints from southern Peru SETP20 9:30 am
Prather, T. Chlorine and hydrogen isotope geochemistry of obsidian glasses: determination of behavior during volcanic degassing SETP21 9:30 am
Prior, M. Tectonic and thermal evolution of the Bullfrog Hills metamorphic core complex, southern Walker Lane, Nevada SETP22 9:30 am
Pujols, E. Apatite and Zircon (U-Th)/He detrital constraints on syn and pre-rift Paleozoic and Mesozoic tectonism in the central Gulf of Suez, Egypt SETP23 9:30 am
Rhatigan, C. Zircon U-Pb and (U-Th)/He double dating of Tethyan synrift in Western Desert, Egypt – Insights in to crustal structure and tectonic evolution of NE Africa SETP24 9:30 am
Seman, S. (U-Th)/He and U-Pb Geo/Thermochronology of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit, Kythnos, Island, Greece SETP25 9:30 am
Shin, T. Contractional and extensional evolution of the Aegean tectono-metamorphic complex in Andros and Tinos islands, Greece SETP26 9:30 am
Speciale, P. Investigating the geochronology and geochemistry of Beypazari granites, central Turkey SETP27 9:30 am
Wang, Y. Seismic Structure Around the 660km Discontinuity SETP28 9:30 am
Zinke, R. Pre-eruptive storage conditions and the eruption of Douglas Knob obsidian lava dome, Yellowstone Caldera SETP29 9:30 am

Surface and Hydrologic Processes
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First Author Title Poster Number Poster Time
Aronovitz, A. Quantifying roughness and step-pool evolution in coarse alluvial channels SHP01 1:00 pm
Chaudhary, K. The role of eddies inside pores in the transition from Darcy to Forchheimer flows SHP02 1:00 pm
Dixon, J. Shelf-Edge Delta Regime as a Predictor of Deep-Water Deposition SHP03 1:00 pm
Gooch, B. Exploring Subglacial Lake Connectivity via Groundwater Aquifers in the Dome C Region, East Antarctica SHP04 1:00 pm
Goodwin, K. Quantifying Sediment Transport in Flash Floods SHP05 1:00 pm
Gutowski, G. Pairing of Byrd ice-core data and recent radar sounding results: interpretation and uncertainty SHP06 1:00 pm
Kiel, B. U.S. river morphology relationships analyzed at high resolution SHP07 1:00 pm
Kopriva, B. Stratigraphic Response of Variable Mini-Basin Subsidence Patterns Due to Autogenic Effects SHP08 1:00 pm
Logan, L. Observations and modeling of grounding line basal crevasses: connections between surface speed, topography and crevasse morphology SHP09 1:00 pm
Markovich, K. Multi-temporal remote sensing analysis of salars in El Loa Province, Chile: Implications for Water Resource Management SHP10 1:00 pm
Murphy, B. High-resolution topographic change detection of an active earthflow using airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, Mill Gulch, California SHP11 1:00 pm
Nowinski, J. Seasonal and multi-year velocity fluctuations of western Greenland outlet glaciers: potential drivers SHP12 1:00 pm
Olinde, L. Quantifying feedbacks between bedload transport rates and local bed characteristics in mountain streams: field experiments in Reynolds Creek, ID SHP13 1:00 pm
Piliouras, A. Effects of potential vorticity on sediment transport and deposition at river mouths SHP14 1:00 pm
Ramirez, M. Suspension of Bed Material over Lateral Sand Bars in the lower Mississippi River, Southeastern Louisiana SHP15 1:00 pm
Reid, E. Watch Your Step: Carbonate Terrace Formation in the Laboratory SHP16 1:00 pm
Robertson, W. Nitrate in Arid Basin Groundwater: How Historical Trends in Water Quality, Pumping Practices, and Land Use Inform Our Understanding of Flow in these Systems SHP17 1:00 pm
Schroeder, D. Interpretation of Sub-resolution Bedform and Subglacial Hydrologic Network Geometries from Radar Echo Specularity: Application to Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica SHP18 1:00 pm
Smith, V. The dynamic geometry of the lower Trinity River, Texas SHP19 1:00 pm
Wagman, B. The Influence of Subglacial Hydrology on Ice Stream Velocity in a Physical Model SHP20 1:00 pm
Wang, L. Comparison of analytically-derived and CFD solution-derived hydraulic conductivity and dispersion coefficient within discrete 2D fractures SHP21 1:00 pm
Zamora, P. Tidal Response of the Subterranean Estuary Revealed by Electrical Resistivity Imaging and Hydraulic Monitoring SHP22 1:00 pm
Reyes, D. Effects of urbanization on groundwater evolution in an urbanizing watershed SHP23 1:00 pm
Andrews, L. Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of meltwater delivery to the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet SHP24 1:00 pm

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