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This website is intended to serve as a platform for snow modelers to display their models and share their scientific results. The idea was first formulated in late 1990s when I was the Principal Investigator of a NASA-funded snow modeling project while at The University of Arizona. It was recognized that there was a need to have a comprehensive survey about snow models designed for various applications including snow physics, watershed modeling, land-surface parameterizations, weather forecasting, climate simulation, and remote sensing. A Snow Model Component Questionnaire was distributed through the internet in May 1997. The primary reference was a survey conducted by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in mid-1980s in which there were replies from 11 snowmelt-runoff model owners, whose models were hydrologically based and mainly for watershed applications. This questionnaire extended to snow models used in numerical weather forecasting models and global climate models as well as in snow physics research. It was very encouraging that about 45 replies were received then, and a website was created to document the results of that survey. That Arizona site had been extensively accessed until it could no longer be maintained due to my relocation. Now at the University of Texas at Austin,  I have re-established this site and aim to maintain it for the needs of snow modelers.

We welcome snow modelers to help update information about their models.

Summary Report

Individual Response

  1. Australian (response from Simon Hewitt, Australia)
  2. BAIME (response from Kazuo Mabuchi, Japan)
  3. BASE (response from Andy Pitman, Australia)
  4. BATS (response from Zong-Liang Yang, USA)
  5. CLASS (response from Ross Brown, Canada)
  6. CROCUS (response from Eric Martin, Meteo-France, Toulouse, France)
  7. DARSSM (response from Eva Kowalczyk, Australia)
  8. DHSVM (response from Pascal Storck, USA)
  9. ECHAM EMBM (response from Bettina Loth, Germany)
  10. ECHAM MLSM (response from Bettina Loth, Germany)
  11. GFDL GCM Snow Model (response from Ronald Stouffer, USA)
  12. HBV (response from Sjur A Kolberg, Norway)
  13. Hadley Centre/UKMO GCM LSM (response from Richard Essery, Hadley Centre, UK)
  14. IAP94 (response from Yong-Jiu Dai, China)
  15. IHACRES Snow Melt/Accumulation Module (response from Sergei Schreider, Australia)
  16. INM(response from Alberto Fernandez, Spain)
  17. ISBA (response from Herve Douville, France)
  18. ISBA-ES (response from Aaron Boone, France)
  19. MAPS/RUC Snow Model (response from Tanya Smirnova, USA)
  20. MAR Snow Model (response from Filip Lefebre, Belgium)
  21. MOSAIC (response from Randy Koster, USA)
  22. MRI-CGCM ground hydrology model (response from Akira Noda, Japan)
  23. MU-SNW (response from Ian Simmonds, Australia)
  24. NCEP/OH/OSU CAPS Model (response from Kenneth Mitchell, USA)
  25. NCEP/OH/OSU CAPS Model (response from Victor Koren, USA)
  26. NWSRFS SNOW-17 (response from Qingyun Duan, USA)
  27. RAMS Snow Model (response from Brent M. Lofgren, USA)
  28. RGM (response from Dieter Scherer, Switzerland)
  29. SAST (response from Shufen Sun, China)
  30. SEMS (response from Glen Liston, USA)
  31. SHAW (response from Gerald Flerchinger, USA)
  32. SLURP (response from Geoff Kite, Canada)
  33. SNAP (response from Mary Albert, USA)
  34. SNOWPACK (response from Lehning Michael, Switzerland)
  35. SNTHERM (response from Ranchel Jordan, USA)
  36. SNTHERM (distributed) (response from Robert Davis, USA)
  37. SNTHERM.ver4 (response from Graham Glendinning, Austria)
  38. SOIL (response from Manfred Stahli, Sweden)
  39. SPONSOR (response from Andrey B. Shmakin, Russia)
  40. SPS (response from Jinwon Kim, USA)
  41. SSiB (response from Yongkang Xue, USA)
  42. SSMI Derived Snow Cover Model (response from Alan Basist, USA)
  43. TSCM1 (response from Takeshi Yamazaki, Japan)
  44. TSCMM (response from Takeshi Yamazaki, Japan)
  45. UEB (response from David Tarboton, USA)

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