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Classes for Earth-Society Systems research are being created each semester.

Adaptive Management, Integrated Modeling, and Human Dimensions for the Energy and Earth Resources

This course presents an introduction to the state of the art in Adaptive and Integrated Modeling for energy and earth resources. Topics will address methods for coping with complexity and uncertainty. Students will be introduced to systems dynamics modeling skills and complete a class project to model an energy or earth resource problem, of the kind used for participatory and interactive modeling exercises. The following is a list of the proposed program.

Considering the emerging challenges faced by our next generation of EER professionals can expect to be called upon to incorporate scientific information into the social process of decision-making using both quantitative and qualitative aspects of knowledge about resource problems. This course will provide students practical and theoretical training for engaging stakeholders in a resource management or policy assessment problem. Skill sets in soft systems methodologies, such as open-ended elicitation and value-focused thinking that connect social values to science-based models will be developed, together with discussions on topics such as metacognition for participatory modeling, influences of affect on decision making, and organizational development for governance.

Serious Gaming for Earth and Energy Resource Decisions

Archive: Other EER Themed Models

In Fall 2010, the Decision Pathways Class met on Monday afternoons and created an online Serious Game to evaluate Supply and Demand elements of the World Lihium Market.

 The Systems Dynamics Model created as a learning exercise by the Decision Pathways Class - Fall 2010

Serious Game, Decision Pathways Class - 2010

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