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Resources & Facilities Safety Main Evacuation Plan: R-A-C-E Emergency Procedures People FAQ Bulletins
Lab Safety Info.

Photo of Exit Sign
   Follow the Signs

Evacuation Plan - (RACE)

For Spills or Medical and Fire Emergencies:
Dial 911

Department Safety Contact:


The basic components of an evacuation plan are summarized by RACE:


Rescue any personnel in immediate danger if it does not put you in imminent danger.


Pull the building fire alarm and call 911 from a safe location. All of the fire alarm pull stations are labeled. If you talk with a 911 operator, state your name, address, and nature of the problem. Speak slowly and clearly. Wait for the dispatcher to hang up.


Close all doors, windows, and other openings that would aid in the spread of fire or toxic fumes.


Evacuate the building.


When evacuating the building:

  • Close the sash on your fume hood. Turn off bunsen burners. Close the tank valve to compressed flammable or reactive gas cylinders if possible. Turn off electric heating mantles if possible, but leave on cooling water supplies.
  • Make sure everyone is out of your lab area, and quickly check adjacent areas. Close the doors as you leave.
  • Leave by the nearest staircase. DO NOT use the elevators unless directed by a uniformed firefighter. Make sure you know where your exit is. Download the Building Floor Plans for your office or lab.
  • Do not reenter the building until the audible alarm has stopped, even if you see others doing so. Responding personnel may not be in uniform, and may be entering just to make sure the building is clear.
  • Disabled Occupants - If a disabled occupant is unable to exit the building unassisted, notify emergency response personnel of the person's location. DO NOT use the elevator. Transporting of disabled individuals up or down stairwells should be avoided until emergency response personnel have arrived. Unless imminent life-threatening conditions exist in the area occupied by a non-ambulatory or disabled person, relocation of the individual should be limited to a safe area on the same floor, in close proximity to an evacuation stairwell.